Our People

Our People

Marcus Isherwood

Managing Director / Key Account Manager

Founder Marcus Isherwood’s experience and incisive commercial knowledge give him a deep insight into the challenges faced by Creative Media’s clients. Forward-thinking and a highly skilled communicator, even after 17 years he remains passionate about the ways in which good design can overcome challenges and fuel commercial performance.

Nigel Morrison 

Creative Director

A highly driven individual, Nigel takes a dynamic, hands-on approach to his role as Creative Director. His award-winning talent as a graphic designer is uniquely combined with an unassuming nature, level-headed approach and razor sharp focus – a complete package that made him the first ever Northern Irish designer to win a UK DBA Gold award.

Stephen Ferris

Senior Designer

Stephen brings fifteen years of experience and multi-disciplinary skills to his role as senior designer. From beautiful web design to compelling corporate branding, livery and press graphics, his versatility has seen him working closely with clients across Ireland, the UK and Europe, to create responsive, distinctive design that garners real results.

Donna Strain

Programmer / Web Developer

Programmer and globetrotter Donna Strain has worked as a frontend web developer for major companies all over the world, including in Australia. Her diverse experience, natural artistic flair and instinct for intuitive, user-friendly design allows her to create sites that are loved by clients and their customers alike.

Rachael Lecky

Illustrator /

Talented artist and illustrator Rachael Lecky has a First Class Honours degree in Visual Communication so she knows a thing or two about the power of design to influence and inspire. Rachael’s work is always infused with her innate attention to detail, taking every project to a new level of originality.

Stephen McAleer

Web Developer / Multimedia Designer

Web developer and multimedia extraordinaire Stephen McAleer came to Creative Media from a varied background encompassing web development, print, newspapers and video. With his finger firmly on the pulse of what’s up-and-coming in the media industry, Stephen’s expertise puts his clients at the cutting edge in terms of both appearance, usability and content.

Niall Donnelly

Graphic Designer

Graphics ninja Niall Donnelly has an eclectic professional background working in print-orientated design across a broad spectrum, from high-end consumer magazines and luxury branding right through to large format signage. This wide-ranging expertise gives Niall an unrivalled understanding of the psychology behind visual appeal and what drives commercial performance.

Claire Martin


In-house copywriter Claire has over a decade of experience as a journalist and editor with all the excellent verbal and written skills that brings. Claire’s warm personality puts clients at ease while her ability to grasp and interpret a brief accurately allows her to create elegant, insightful copy that successfully conveys each client’s unique message.

Conor Johnston

Content Marketer & HubSpot Champion

A marketer with a passion for starting conversations and creating conversions, Conor uses experience in copywriting, PR, SEO and marketing strategy to build content worth sharing. As HubSpot Champion, Conor focuses on combining marketing technology with time-honoured writing techniques and marketing theory. The result? Help for clients to structure and enhance their inbound efforts, driving the right outcomes for their business.