Creative Media’s design expertise is underpinned by a unique offering in the form of strategic growth consultancy, personally delivered by our managing director, Marcus Isherwood.

Growth Strategy
Board Level Marketing
High Level Growth Strategy
Monitoring Performance
Appraisal of Opportunities
Working Alongside Teams
Delivering change

Our straight-talking, personable advice is trusted by businesses on six continents with turnover ranging from £2 to £400 million.

This service is offered on a one-to-one basis to companies seeking professional, board-level advice on how to advance their growth objectives through digital and overall business strategy.

A growth agency

Twenty years ago, Creative Media was a design agency. But the world has changed, and so have we. Today, we prefer to call ourselves a growth agency. We use creativity to further business objectives, as part of a strategic approach to design that goes way beyond aesthetics.

Uncommon growth

You don’t have to take our word for it when we say that our expertise drives growth for our clients; our case studies are full of the proof. Frequently this growth comes from new markets, new methods and revised propositions –unexpected sources that deliver uncommon results.

Digital expertise

Creative Media’s comprehensive growth strategy includes advanced digital expertise to help you drive growth. From intuitive e-commerce to data-driven SEO and PPC campaigns, we help our clients to successfully navigate the often mind-boggling world of online business.

Board level support

Accustomed to working at the highest level as well as integrating with teams, our managing director Marcus Isherwood is equally comfortable around a boardroom table with shareholders, and on the factory floor. His astute yet informal approach enables effective communication for all ears.

Appraised of opportunities

In business, it’s easy to become blinkered to what’s happening beyond your own little corner of the universe. With an impressive breadth of expertise, Creative Media brings independent knowledge of different products, services and markets with the potential to shake up your thinking and help you explore new avenues for growth.

Phase One : Assessment

This phase is designed to establish a full understanding of your business market, positioning and objectives. Afterwards, Marcus will set out recommendations for moving forward and give you time to consider these. We are confident you’ll like what you hear, so we won’t ask you to commit to the process until this phase is complete.

  • 1-2 day site visit and thorough walkaround
  • Understanding your true positioning within your industry
  • Exploring your proposition – what makes you stand out, and what doesn’t
  • Attending sales visits/presentations
  • Meeting and speaking with your clients/customers
  • In depth meetings with shareholders and stakeholders

Phase Two : Planning

Phase Two is where we examine the nuts and bolts, taking the information gathered in phase one and working out how it all fits together to maximise your marketing performance. Using over 20 years’ experience in diverse markets across the globe in companies of all sizes, this is where we add the value to your proposition.

  • Appraisal of the current state of your business
  • Competitor analysis
  • Commercial ambitions of your business
  • Constraints to growth
  • How best to significantly improve the marketing
  • Typical output is a planning document that forms a roadmap for growth

Phase Three : Implementation

In Phase Three we roll our sleeves up! Armed with a thorough understanding of your business and full sign-off on the planning process, we’ll support you and your team as you embark on a new phase. Activity typically follows the planning roadmap created specifically for your organisation and all stakeholders are engaged throughout the process.

  • Engagement with agreed stakeholders in your business
  • Key metrics and responsibilities
  • Timelines matched with commercial ambitions
  • Regular engagement
  • Outcomes focused

Phase Four: Progression & Tracking

Ensuring you have return on investment is just as critical for us as it is for you. It secures our future business together, delivers value to your business and proves we are doing the right things. Sometimes the route has to be altered to take account of changes in the economy. We are always of an agile mind and open to challenge based on continual analysis of performance vs projections.

  • Regular updates on commercial success
  • Analysis of all areas of marketing spend v return
  • Constant consideration of areas to improve
  • Customer feedback
  • Competitor analysis
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