Case Study

ValleyMed, Canada

ValleyMed could already boast an established reputation, superb service and well-known products. Perfect, in fact, for a partnership with Creative Media. We’ve been building on this success using simple goals, clear strategy and proven know-how to find, impress, engage and retain new buyers online.

Trusted for Decades

ValleyMed were already a go-to for medical and scientific products across Canada for almost 30 years. Although by many institutions, laboratories and clinics, the business still wanted to reach new clients in new ways.

ValleyMed Difference

A ‘professionals supplying professionals’ ethos and a ‘don’t ask why…ask why not?’ approach to helping their customers. This meant decades of word-of-mouth business but a ripe opportunity to reach those not hearing about ValleyMed.

ValleyMed Message

ValleyMed could, of course, rest on their laurels. Instead, they wanted to take their message to more people but without the jargon and trial-and-error of tactics-led marketing. A big picture view, starting with strategy, meant a clear path for ValleyMed’s business goals.

Launching a Global Alliance

ValleyMed joined an impressive list of overseas-based returning Creative Media clients built up over 20 award-winning years. A combination of on-site strategy meetings with renowned business leader and Creative Media MD Marcus Isherwood alongside weekly Zoom calls meant the right advice, a clear strategy and superb outputs delivered with pride.

  • Creative Media oversaw the redevelopment of ValleyMed’s website, creating clearer customer journeys and better integration with digital ads.
  • Advanced, inbound marketing-led social, blog and website content has helped to fuel quality traffic for ValleyMed.

Business Growth Sessions


Website Improvements


Ad, blog and social creative

Creating Leaders, Not Followers

The joy of this project for Creative Media? Building on an already superb reputation and introducing some new thinking, and simple ideas, to better connect the offline and online business. All with, of course, one eye closely on generating leads.

  • Less is more: an uncomplicated strategy and transparent delivery of outputs with no jargon or waffle.


  • Five decades of know-how: Combining ValleyMed’s almost 30 years of expertise with CreativeMedia’s 20 years spent driving business growth.