Case Study

Global Dental – UK

Global Dental didn’t ask for our help as a marketing company, but as an ongoing creative partner in a ‘blank page’ review of their marketing platform and sales processes. Not to mention – of course – their offer, marketing message, methods and brand collateral too.


We delivered a marketing revival in a 2-2-1 formation: Two on-site strategic growth sessions and multiple Zoom calls driving continual change, two major inbound marketing campaigns and one powerful marketing partnership.

A Peerless Reputation

Relaunched five years ago by the current owner to add luxury dental practice fit-out to their supplies and equipment specialism, Global Dental is now a lean but heavyweight player in the high-end practice refurbishment industry.

Innovation as Standard

A flair for positive change meant Global Dental sought to start over with a fresh look at their brand, products, marketing tools and collateral to create a forward-thinking brand and company with a sharp focus.

An Exciting Future

With Global Dental’s services – supplies, equipment and environments – repackaged and clearer than every for new clients, the business is in great shape for the five years (and beyond) ahead.

A Proud Partnership

A great way to start a first meeting with a new client? Thinking “Wow…we love your work”. Creative Media MD, and award-winning business leader, Marcus Isherwood formed an alliance with Global Dental based on helping to fuel the company’s growth. Providing continual business growth models and support, he also saw the introduction of new collateral, inbound marketing campaigns and freshly-branded product packages.

  • Creative Media delivered Global Dental’s transition to the all-in-one marketing platform HubSpot, creating a single resource for campaign set-up and data.


  • Continual, creative blog and social media content was created to celebrate the brand online and help prospective clients along the buyer’s journey.

On-site growth sessions


Strategy Calls


Major inbound campaigns


New product packages created


Major marketing partnerships


View Increase

Global Dental’s stronger, clearer offer backed by creative social content drove 13,000 views and a 579% increase in likes on comments on one LinkedIn account alone (six month period working with Creative Media compared to previous period).


Online Traffic


Lead Increase


Sale Efficiency