Case Study

Global Dental 2021

A new look and more traffic meant more sales for this renowned dental supplier and fit-out specialist. Simple. How did we make it happen? With the groundwork of a marketing and sales process overhaul already delivered, some rebrand, web, digital ad and SEO wizardry sparked an online sales revival.

The ‘behind the scenes’ stats speak for themselves: more site visitors, more new users, more organic visitors, more time spent on-site by target customers and – most of all – more revenue from e-commerce traffic.

Meet Global Dental

With a superb reputation as a dental sector equipment and consumables specialist, Global Dental also boasts a pioneering surgery redesign and fit-out service that brings the best of stunning modern design to ambitious surgery owners.

An Exciting Time

Global Dental decided to focus their brand on showing customers the benefits of high-end, tactile and luxurious surgery modernisation. Their goal for client projects? A more relaxed experience for patients, a place where colleagues can do their best work.

An Ambitious Team

A passion for continuous innovation and delivering breath-taking final results for dental practice owners makes Global Dental an ideal partner for Creative Media’s revenue generating know-how.

How It Happened

We previously worked with Global Dental to create a new brand, sharper marketing message and a cutting-edge marketing platform and sales process for their business. This stronger, clearer offer backed by creative social content drove 13,000 views and a 579% increase in likes on comments on one LinkedIn account alone.


In 2021, we followed this by delivering high-performing site traffic as well as a brand refresh and sumptuous website rich with images of Global Dental’s stunning fit-out work.

SEO and digital ad delivery: Great content and expert execution of digital ads meant a 20% increase in organic site visits plus a 100% increase in ranking search terms for Global Dental. Plus, specialist social content meant targeted social users spending 26% more time on the Global Dental website and 66% more traffic from LinkedIn.

New Site Users0%

New Website Visitors

New Organic Keywords0%

More Search Visibility

An Ongoing Partnership

We’ve been especially proud to help Global Dental grow and grow thanks to one vital factor: as a business they ‘get’ that great brand, design and marketing is an ongoing, multi-disciplinary team effort built on hard work and expertise NOT quick fixes.


The lesson? Strategy first, tactics second. Always. Plus constantly reviewing, innovating and striking to think, work and deliver better. After all, one look at Global Dental’s head-turning online presence shows the power of a high-performance partnership.

Tip 1… don’t forget behind the scenes: We also worked to refresh and refocus the visual impact and messaging in Global Dental’s sales proposal, values documentation and new colleague information. Think ‘internal comms always’ to make your business message land even harder when it goes external.


Tip 2…never stop changing: But this doesn’t mean change for the sake of it. Global Dental, with our help, have constantly assessed their brand identity, content and digital ads to align with pacesetting new services and messaging. A hugely recommended approach.