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Brand Identity, Brand Guidelines, Website, Literature, Video Content, Consultation, Signage

Brand Communications, Consultation, Marketing, Name Generation, Product Literature, Signage, Website
About This Project

Sertus is a leading manufacturer of advanced smoke extraction and ventilation systems. The business began its life as a division of another company but a climate of increased concern around fire safety in the UK, especially in high rise buildings, created demand that warranted the creation of a dedicated business entity.

We worked with the management team to understand the market and the product offering before building a brand identity that embodied Sertus’ ethos as a progressive organisation aiming to effect change in their industry through innovation and excellence. Sleek, intuitive web design reflected the company’s commitment to simplicity and their authority in the market, while content was vital for ensuring the complexities of the product offer were clear and easily understood. Bespoke video content was used to further this goal.