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Name Generation, Brand Identity, Brand Guidelines, Website, Literature, Consultation

Brand Communications, Consultation, Name Generation, Packaging, Product Literature, Website
About This Project

Creative Media was asked to name and create a brand identity for a range of papers developed with artisan paper mills in Europe. We created the Senses brand as the perfect choice for passionate creatives seeking to deliver premium results. The range has over 35 contemporary colours to choose from. Unlike other coloured paper and board on the market, it offers unrivalled smoothness for elite results across the full substance range, from 90gsm paper to 3mm board.

Developed with artisan European paper makers and crafted through decades of experience, Senses is overtly trend driven and responsive to the dynamic pulse of contemporary design. This kaleidoscope of inspiring colours, has its own unique profile, appealing to manifold more niches other than artisan print, igniting creativity and making paper the very fulcrum of design.

The project included swatch designs, brand communications and website design.