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Belroc – Watchpod


Brand Identity, Online Content, SEO, Literature, Consultation

Brand Communications, Consultation, Marketing, Product Literature, Website
About This Project

The Covid-19 Virus has had a deadly effect across the world. Both governments and business has combined to lead the fight against the virus and to save lives. Our Candian client Belroc is a specialist manufacturer and installer of division 10 products that include patient privacy and patient care. To respond to the Covid-19 Virus the company rapidly developed a modular WatchPod for the rapid creation of treatment centres and combined with their InstaSwap quick swap protective curtain range it is hoped that these products can play an important role in the protection of medical staff and the treatment of patients affected by the virus.


Creative Media worked with Belroc create product branding, product literature and online content for the WatchPod and other Covid19 response products.