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Design isn’t vanity. It’s a powerful tool that influences understanding and perception. It brings products and services to life in a way that can simultaneously drive consumer demand and unite people around a shared objective.


From websites to packaging, design’s key function is to generate demand. Creative Media is adept at creating design that people respond to on a profound level. It may be simple, it may be clever, it may be beautiful – but whatever it is, our work is always designed to feed the commercial requirements of our clients’ businesses. Coupled with strategic business consultancy and strong client relationships, our support fuels powerful performance.


Service is at the heart of everything we do and therefore good client relationships are our most prized asset. Creative Media provides bespoke support to clients across a wide spectrum, tailoring our creative process to meet the needs of each individual business and delivering personalised consultancy that goes right to the heart of the challenges our clients face.

Creative process
Our creative process is a closely guarded secret developed over 20 years. Actually, no it isn’t. Our creative process is designed to be simple and transparent. We’ve stripped away the layers of red tape and account management so business leaders and marketing gurus can communicate directly with the creatives to achieve their vision, and more importantly, their objectives. Interested to know more?
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We know our approach works – so do our clients. That’s all that really matters, but over the years we’ve also been proud recipients of almost 30 national and international design awards including a prestigious DBA Design Effectiveness Award, 7 international A’ Design awards, two Institute of Designers Ireland Awards and two Davey awards.

Our passion, expertise and ability to deliver the right solution has won us lots of  awards – which is nice – but more importantly it has built stronger brands and businesses.

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Your online presence is vitally important. How you engage your users through your website and social media is an integral part of your brand experience. We create audience-focused websites and digital outlets that are contemporary and responsive for both desktop and mobile. We keep our ear to the ground on innovation to ensure you are in step with emerging digital trends.

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