20 years of award-winning
design that transforms business

For the past 20 years, Creative Media’s unique blend of business strategy, award-winning design and straightforward expertise has been driving positive change and growth in our clients’ businesses.

Doing things differently

When it comes to marketing, 21st century businesses don’t have resources to waste on fancy-looking stuff that doesn’t increase their bottom line. We do work that works. You need your business to grow, and we can make it happen with creative communication and intelligent branding.

We take a straightforward and transparent approach to business optimisation. Our service is rooted in decades of design effectiveness and commercial expertise, and tailored to each individual client.


But enough about us.
It’s all about you.

With so much competition, how can you make your voice heard above the noise?

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Bespoke Approach
With a small but vastly experienced and versatile team, Creative Media moulds to fit the gaps in your brand’s growth and marketing strategy. We can be the driving force that helps you get a one-off digital project over the line. Or we can act as you outsourced marketing department for ongoing support.

Transparent outcomes
No matter where you’re at in your business journey, we offer strategic support for all kinds of business and creative challenges. Progress is trackable and results can be measured using the latest software for ROIs you can see. We do all this using a transparent package structure with no hidden costs and lots of practical, insightful expertise.

If one or more of the following statements applies to your business, then we can help it to grow:

We are a small to medium-sized enterprise with annual sales between €3 and €20m

We have a strong appetite for growth

We have untapped potential

Our marketing is lagging behind our competitors

We don’t have a dedicated marketing department

Our in-house marketing personnel are inexperienced

We are struggling to gain traction in a B2B sector

Strategy + creativity + data = a powerful science that can help you develop authority, drive loyalty, generate high quality leads and confidently attract & retain new business.

We’re ranked as the most effective design agency in Ireland. We got there by producing great, effective work and winning awards. Lots of them. 27 nationals & internationals since 2011 alone.

We are a team of creative professionals with skills across a range of commercial and digital disciplines. Collectively, we offer a unique package of trusted expertise and have helped our clients overcome all sorts of business and creative challenges in their quest for growth.

Commercial expertise

Clients making contact with Creative Media for the first time are always dealt with by our managing director, Marcus Isherwood. Marcus has 25 years’ experience as an entrepreneur in his own right and has personally supported countless businesses to achieve their growth objectives.


A naturally strategic thinker, Marcus takes a hands-on approach to business transformation. His role as a trusted advisor offering frank advice and proactive support guides our overall creative strategy towards inevitable success while ensuring our clients are always fully supported and informed.

Growth Strategy
Board Level Marketing
High Level Growth Strategy
Monitoring Performance
Appraisal of Opportunities
Working Alongside Teams
Delivering change

Digital Leads
Delivering # MQL’s per month
High Level Google Integration
Social platforms
Content Strategy
Constant Dynamic Data Analytics

Creative Design
Campaign Communications
Exhibition Design

Finding, keeping and engaging your people to drive your business forward.