Way back in 2000, when Apple launched its groundbreaking iBook laptop, the first astronauts took up residence on the International Space Station and the last ever Peanuts comic strip was published, Creative Media was launched from a park bench with no clients and one aim – to do things differently.

Over the past 17 years, with a small but hugely talented team headed up by founder Marcus Isherwood, Creative Media has established itself as one of the UK’s leading design agencies.  Listed in the Design Week Top 100, our client base spans six continents and ranges from small, independent businesses to global corporations.

The success of our multi-award-winning agency is underpinned by our commitment to quality, innovation and positive engagement. We’ve worked hard to develop an expert, client-centric and hassle free service that includes compelling branding, design, web, marketing consultancy and everything in between. Simply put, our clients can relax in the knowledge we’ve got all angles covered.











We’re not the same as other design agencies, and we’re confident that our fresh perspective can always bring something new to the table for our clients.  Unbiased critique is so important in staying relevant – that’s the reason we consistently enter awards. 

Our work is critically acclaimed by some of the industry’s leading design mavens.  We’ve scooped almost 30 national and international design awards from the UK, Europe and the USA, and our work has stood up under scrutiny by judges from global companies like Microsoft and American Express.


Boutique business
Creative Media prides itself on being a medium sized agency with 7 experienced, ambitious staff who will treat you as a client should be treated: exactly as we would like to be treated if the roles were reversed!

Our clients are proud to be associated with us and are more than happy to share their opinion.

Ability to adapt
We keep up with latest trends and techniques to ensure we’re always able to offer the most effective outcome for your marketing investment.

Understanding the Brief
We make great efforts to understand our clients, as we believe this is the way to understand their needs and ensure they end up with the best possible results.

Modus Operandi
With no hierarchy of managers the client gets to work directly with the creatives. This way, the designers get first hand information eliminating the risk of your requirements being misinterpreted.

Cost effectiveness
With a close knit, dedicated, hard-working team and whilst choosing only competitive partners with a proven track record for quality and efficiency the result is a win/win situation for both the client and us.

Retention of Clients
With a client churn of under 6% per annum we rightly feel proud that many of our clients have chosen to work with us again and again and continued to grow with us over a number of years and in some instances since their inception.

With a team of experienced designers who have gained a combined total of over 50 years in the industry we have the capability of executing any project successfully.

We are passionate about what we do and about the projects we work on. We know each client is passionate about their individual projects and with a thorough understanding of the brief, we are too.

We worked closely with Creative Media to design our corporate image as well as develop our launch Marketing Plan. Creative Media supported us throughout the set up period and made a huge contribution to the successful launch of Adipose Clinic.

Lynda Mac Namee
Adipose Clinic Ltd.

At Green Gold Equine we received a thoroughly professional and friendly service and Creative Media staff were always really quick with any work requested and the work was of the highest standard. We would highly recommend Creative Media to everyone! Fresh ideas, professional service and friendly, approachable talented staff!

Helen Sharp
Green Gold Equine


With the help of the team in Creative Media, we were able to play with lots of different ideas. The team were very patient, we are not experts in this arena and we are glad we picked Creative Media as they became our partners. We will use them again over the coming years. The result… a fantastic new look and feel to our coffee which customers love!

Gareth Hutchison
Jacobs Coffee


We have worked with Creative Media for several years now. From the creation of our brand and office stationery to developing our web-site, Creative Media have been able to exceed expectations both in terms of creative ideas and delivery times. As a business they all work as a team to maximise their creative potential for their customers benefit.

Rodney Hammill
Hamill McIlwaine Chartered Accountants


Creative Media were fantastic from start to finish. They listened to us and came back with a range of exciting ideas. We got the sense that customer satisfaction was the priority of Creative Media, and unlike in the past with other designers, we did not feel railroaded into accepting what they thought we should have. The finished design was impactful, innovative and eye catching.

Sara Ball
Optometry Northern Ireland