Our People

Our People

Marcus Isherwood

Managing Director

Marcus created Creative Media in 2000 with a vision. Today he remains as passionate and committed as ever about the potential of creativity to build brands and drive business growth.  He has a vast range of commercial experience and practical understanding of branding and marketing communications.

Nigel Morrison 

Creative Director

Creative Media’s first team member back in 2000, Nigel is a multi-award-winning designer who is widely respected within the design community for his distinctive vision, passionate approach and creative skills.  As Creative Director, he is very much hands-on – actively involved in projects, actively designing and reviewing, and finding ways to add value.

Stephen Ferris

Senior Designer

Stephen has a clear philosophy: a transformational idea needs to be at the heart of all design – whether that’s for web, branding, livery and print.  He brings a deep knowledge through of design theory and practice to his work, acquired through many years of experience on distinctive, business-enhancing projects across Ireland, the UK and Europe.

Donna Strain

Senior Web Developer

Donna began her career as a frontend web developer, bringing her already considerable expertise in coding and design to us in 2011. Since then she has continued to develop her technical knowledge and her impeccable creative flair in order to produce beautifully crafted, user-friendly sites loved by our clients (and their customers).

Rachael Lecky

Illustrator /

With degrees from University of Ulster and Loughborough School of Art & Design, Rachel is an enthusiastic creative professional with highly developed skills across traditional and digital design, graphics, illustration & photography.  She joined the Creative Media team in 2011.

Stephen McAleer

Graphic Designer & Front-End Web Developer

The most recent addition to the Creative Media team, Stephen has a wide range of previous experience including in web development, print, newspapers and video. Stephen studied Media Design at Ulster University, and also holds a Foundation Degree, Science of Multimedia from BIFHE. Since graduating he has built a wealth of experience and has continued to walk a road of self teaching. Stephen’s particular areas of expertise are ease of usability while keeping beautiful, clean layouts.